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G Suite Pricing Plans

  Before choosing a G Suite pricing plan , you should know what to look for. G Suite offers different plans, with the Business plan being the best option for companies with over 50 employees. The Basic Plan is made up of two plans, Annual and Flexible. To find the best plan for your company, click on the Promotion Code tab and enter the promotion code if applicable. If you already have an annual plan, you can choose the billing section and choose the Annual or Flexible plan. The G Suite pricing plans are based on the number of users you have. The Business plan offers unlimited storage, as does the Flexible plan. You can add or delete users at any time, and the Flexible plan lets you add or remove accounts as needed. The Flexible plan is also great for temporary employees, as it allows you to add and delete accounts whenever you need them. You can also opt for the G Suite Enterprise plan and receive a 20% discount. If you're just starting out with G Suite, a free trial version i